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Each person makes decisions relating to its finances, according to his own personality and experience. But what are the steps to make for a smart investment?

People, in general, have a different attitude towards money, and according to this, they manifest a particular financial behavior. Fortunately, there are financial instruments for each personality type, so for starters, everyone should know their investment profile.

Clearly, a great investor who never lose money and choose actions that will increase the most, can not exist. A good investor is one who is performing above average and corresponding to objectives that has drawn in accordance with its risk profile, the length and value of the investment.

Thus, you have to radically change personalities to invest in stock market, but you have to take the right decisions for your financial profile. The ability to expose yourself to risk is influenced by age, important savings in the annual budget, the net wealth relative to expenses, important life goals and time horizon for which you build your portfolio.

In this calculation it may be added the psychological factor and the relationship with risk in general, but you have to put in balance your ability to take a risk with an investment-related emotion.

Together, the two, determine your allocation decision and that way you divide your money among several asset classes, from bank deposits to shares or derivatives, and the general appearance of this decision may depend on up to 95% of the final yield for your portfolio.

There is no profile defined, the scholarship is open to all, there is no need to fall into a certain pattern. But there are different motivations that make people invest in the stock market. Some get brought by friends, others decide to take this step when they conclude that investment demand is not a very attractive alternative.

At the beginning, the most important thing that must pass over debutants is the fear of losing. Even if they made an important step and invested, some fear persist because things are new and novelty generates fear.

Therefore, profiling its investment and its corresponding strategies is essential, and this can be done only by each investor, through a broker, because the investor knows his best goals and characteristics. The best brokers are trying to understand each client’s investment profile and to offer, in consequence, the right tools.

If you have enough time for this process and knowledge of financial analysis, you can do independently selected solely by own research on the prospects of various sectors of the economy such as industrial, energy, agricultural (helped by ) and pharmaceuticals, then you’re on the profitability sector.

No matter how you choose to work, you can keep your allocation passively, passing over the fluctuations of the market and constantly adding shares when their prices fall, or you can actively manage your portfolio, modifying both the percentage invested in each share, and shares depending on market conditions.

If you wish to build a portfolio in the medium term it is enough to revisit quarterly shares when companies report their financial statements.

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